Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Highland Village, Iona, Cape Breton

This croft at the Highland Village is much like the homes our Scottish ancestors left behind when they came from The Isle of Lewis to settle in Cape Breton. My people came from Crawlista, Lewis. We visited there several times and saw the remains of the croft where our people had lived. The roof was gone but the stone walls were intact.

The Highland Village, Iona, Cape Breton

We spent yesterday morning at The Highland Village, Iona, C.B. The folks who work at the Village wear period costume and have a great deal of knowledge about the early settlers who came here from Scotland. It is truly a lovely place. This is the MacIver House which was moved from South Cove to the Village at least twenty five years ago. A MacDonald family with MacIver connections now own the South Cove property and live there year round.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Marble Mountain, Cape Breton.

Garth and I took the dogs for a drive to Marble Mountain a few days ago. What a lovely place and just 45 min. from South Cove. There is still an active mine there which ships beautiful marble around the world.